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Proceedings of General Meetings

Proceedings and Voting Result  
13th Annual General Meeting 
Newspaper Publication dated 20.06.2023  
Newspaper Publication dated 09.06.2023  
Full Notice of AGM  
12th Annual General Meeting dated 12.07.2022 
Newspaper Publication dated 10.06.2022  
Full Notice of AGM  
Newspaper Publication dated 21.06.2022  
Proceedings of the 12th AGM  
EGM Dated 31.03.2022 
Newspaper Publication dated 03-03-2022  
Valuer Certificate dated 02-03-2022  
PCS Certificate in terms of regulation 163(2)  
Full Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting on 31.03.2022  
Proceedings and Outcome of EGM  
Proceedings of Annual General Meeting dated 20.07.2021  
Proceedings of Ninth Annual General Meeting of the Bank held on 11.07.2019  
Proceedings and Voting Results of 8th Annual General Meeting held on 29.06.2018  
Proceedings of Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on 19.03.2018  
Proceedings of 7th AGM, 2017  
Proceedings of 6th AGM, 2016  
Proceedings of 5th AGM held on 29.06.2015  
Fourth Annual General Meeting held on 30 june 2014  
Third Annual General Meeting held on 26 june 2013   
Second Annual General Meeting held on 23 june 2012   
First Annual General Meeting held on 16 June 2011  

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