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PSB Rupay Prepaid Card

Eligibility Criteria for Applying for PSB Rupay Prepaid Cards

  • The holder of Savings Bank/ Current/ Over Draft accounts in their individual capacity is eligible for issue of Card.
  • The account should be strictly KYC compliant.
  • In case of joint accounts, only such accounts are aligible which are to be operated singly, in the name of the first acount holder and with the consent of the other account holder/s.



  • A domestic Card used in India and to be issued as Non-Personalized Card only.
  • Reload option Available
  • Minimum Rs. 1,000/-, Maximum amount not to exceed Rs. 10,000/- at any time.
  • Maximum per transaction limit per Card per day is restricted to Rs.10,000/- (including ATM, POS & E-com).
  • Low risk as there is no access to the Primary Account of the account holder.
  • Can be used at ATMs of any Bank, displaying the logo of RuPay. The card can also be used in POS terminals in India displaying RuPay Logo and online as well.
  • The Card is valid up to the last working day of the month and the year indicated on the Card.
  • Maximum validity period of the card is seven (7) years.




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