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Miscellaneous Charges



Providing credit information/opinion including introduction in case of borrowal accounts if provided on request of the borrower

Rs.1000/- per occasion

Registration/ modification /satisfaction of

charges with ROC

Actual + Rs.1000

Account operation through Power of Attorney

Rs.500/- per reference

Advances against Deposits, Govt. Securities, Mutual Fund Units, UTI units, NSCs, KVPs and staff loans of any type.

Actual out of pocket expenses at the time of noting of lien/collection of proceeds plus Rs.25/- per security certificate with min. Rs.100/-

Obtaining of surrender value of policy of Life insurance

Rs.200/- plus out of pocket expenses.

For Schemes where refinance is obtained

Service charges as per the scheme

PMRY/SGSY/ Other Govt. Schemes

Service Charges as per Scheme.

In Principal Sanction

10% of normal charges upfront, 15% of normal charges on in-principle sanction 75% of normal charges at the time of issue of regular sanction.  

Upfront Charges - New business Group (NBPC)

Rs.50,000/- to be charged upfront for each NBG proposal which will be adjustable against processing fees on regular sanction. In case the proposal is declined by the Bank, the same to be refunded.

Recovery of Processing/ Upfront fee

50% of normal /recommended charges upfront. Balance on release of sanction. But total charges not to exceed the applicable /sanctioned charges on sanctioned amount.

Allocation of limits

Rs.10000/- p.a. for allocation of limits to each branch (to be recovered by controlling branch). In case of advance moved from one business unit to another at Bank’s instance – No charges.


Processing Charges on each renewal is to be debited on due date irrespective of the fact that the case is actually renewed/reviewed on that date. In case the renewal/reviewal is delayed due to non-submission of financial data or any other such reason attributable to the borrower, the proportionate processing charges for the period of the delay shall also be recovered in addition to normal charges which are recovered on due date.


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