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Commission on Import Bills Under LC

Foreign currency bills at the time of crystallization or retirement whichever is earlier

  • 0.10%
  • Min ₹1500 to Max ₹15,000

Rupee import bills under LC

  • 0.15% of bill amount
  • Min ₹1500 to Max ₹15,000

Late fee if the bills are not retired within 10 days from the date of receipt of bills in case of demand bills, and on the due date in case of usance bills

  • Additional commission of 0.10% of the bill amount
  • Min ₹500 to Max ₹15,000

Foreign currency bills under LC where no

exchange benefits accrue to the opening bank

  • 0.15% of bill amount
  • Min ₹1500 to Max ₹25,000

Charges for discrepant documents received under LC

  • Equivalent of USD 20.00 per discrepancy
  • Max USD 50.00

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